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Packs n Pedals began operation in conjunction with the opening of the first section of the Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail in September of 2021. 

At present we provide a shuttle servicing the 27km section from Barrimoon to Builyan with plans to grow the business as the additional trail sections open. 

These plans include a luggage transfer service and additional tours around points of interest.



Section Guides


Barrimoon Siding to Builyan (26 km)

  • Firm gravel surface to tunnels, softer gravel and sand in some sections after that, suitable for mountain bikes.
  • Cattle on corridor
  • No mobile phone service: UHF can be used in the area
  • Carry plenty of water
  • Most bridges are intact, but are not trafficable at this stage, so waterways may be impassable after rain.

Barrimoon Siding is about 6km from Kalpower. Currently there are temporary corflute rail trail signs placed at strategic positions from Monto to the high point over the ranges at Barimoon Siding. (Note it is a gravel road from Kalpowar down to Builyan)

The first ten kilometres of the trail descends via sweeping curves through the six tunnels and many impressive cuttings, delivering panoramic views of the countryside.

Once descended into the valley, the trail surface becomes less firm with some soft and sandy sections, gates to be opened and steep and loose gullies to be negotiated under existing rail bridges. The gullies are manageable when dry but will likely be impassable if water flows during or after rainfall events. All but one gates are straightforward to manage.
Approaching Many Peaks there is a signed loop detour to get trail users around the disused railway bridge. The signage is a little vague. There is brand new toilet amenity block at the historic Many Peaks Railway Dam but that is not on the rail trail. You need to get on to the (very low traffic) bitumen road at Many Peaks and ride back less than a kilometre to the new park. It is well worth doing so as there is a new shelter shed, history information signage, toilet block and elevated lookout over the old weir. There is no drinking water available.
The final section to Builyan Siding has more soft sections.


  • Kalpowar is a very small village with limited accommodation and facilities, and is 6km from Barrimoon Siding
  • 2km From Barrimoon Siding is the Kalpowar State Forest camping area with a toilet.
  • Many Peaks has the toilet block at Railway Dam and the hotel (not open)
  • Builyan is small village with limited facilities; a general store  (not always open), and showers and toilets at Builyan Community Hall.
  • The nearest major regional centre is Monto, so bring all required food and drink.

For those wanting more detail, the six tunnels were built just after World War I and their lengths are: No.1 – 100m, No.s 2 and 3 – 105m, No. 4 – 130m, No. 5 – 155m and No. 6 – 170m. Tunnel 6 still has the rail line and the original ‘hogback’ sleepers in place. One tunnel is significantly curved so that it is dark upon entering but after a short distance light starts to appear from the other end, so torches are not essential but may be helpful.

Gayndah to Mundubbera (32 km)

This section is now open.  It does not actually start at Gayndah, because of a missing bridge across Reid Creek.  The actual start point is at the Mt Debateable station site, which can be accessed by using the old Gayndah – Mundubbera Road and turning right onto the Mt Debateable Road approx 10km west of Gayndah.

  • No toilets or drinking water along the trail
  • Cattle on the corridor
  • The trail surface varies from hard packed ballast, to loose sand and soft mud
  • There are no bridge crossings available, and some steep and rough bypass trails are in place these points
  • Mostly only suitable for mountain bikes, walking and horse riding

This section of the trail opened in Sept 2022. It includes stunning views of the Burnett River and koalas have been sighted in the eucalypt forest beside the trail.

The 29 km Burnett River Bridges section from Gayndah to Mundubbera is close to the river and has a remarkable number of heritage listed bridges.  However none of the bridges are open at present, and temporary bypasses have been built until the bridges have been fitted with decking and safety railing.

Camping is available at Gayndah Railway Station and Mundubbera Show grounds.

Mt Debateable to Reid Creek (7km)

This section is now open.  It follows the Burnett River towards Gayndah, and ends at Reid Creek where a large bridge was destroyed by floodwaters in 2013.  It is hoped than funding can be found in the near future to build a low cost suspension bridge to allow the trail to continue on into Gayndah.

Distance Calculator

Please note these distance are only on the corridor, loop roads are not included on this chart.
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Enjoy beautiful scenery, waterways, historic buildings & land marks.


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